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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Pentax K-7 is Here! Finally!

The Countdown in My Unofficial Teaser is Now Over! The Pentax K-7 is Here! Finally!!

7 Photos of the K-7, Kit and Grip! ;-D

K-7 Specifications:-

Camera Name: Pentax K-7
Body Material:
Magnesium Alloy Outer Shell on Stainless Steel Chassis
Body Reliability:77 Places Sealed, Cold-Resistant: Can be Operated under Temperature at -10°C
New Version of Samsung 14.6MP CMOS APS-C Imager in 23.4 x 15.6mm (Aspect Ratio 3:2), 4 Data Channels Readout
Dust Removal:New DRII System, Low-Pass/Anti-Aliasing Optical Filter Placed in Front of Sensor is Capable to be Moved in High Ultrasonic Frequency; Featuring also the Dust Alert System to the User
ISO Speeds:ISO 100-3200, 6400 Available on Expansion (to be Set via Custom Function)
Image Processing:
Newly Developed PRIME (Pentax Real IMage Engine) II Image Processor for High Performance and High Speed Still Image and Movie Data Processing; Better-Quality Images with Richer Gradation and More Accurate Color Rendition
Pentax KAF2 (Crippled K-mount, Support Both Body Driven "Screw-Type" AF KAF and SDM KAF2/KAF3 Lenses)
Optical Type, Glass Prism, 100% Image Coverage, 0.92X Magnification
Focusing Screen:
New Natural-Bright-Matte III Focusing Screen, Improved Manual Focusing Accuracy
1/8000th second Top Speed, X-Sync=1/180s, 100,000 Shutter Actuations Durability
Continuous Shooting Modes:Continuous (Hi):-
JPEG: 5.2 FPS: Until 40 Frames;
RAW(PEF): Until 15 Frames;
RAW(DNG): Until 14 Frames

Continuous (Lo):-
JPEG: 3.3 FPS: No Limitation, until Card Full;
RAW(PEF/DNG): Until 17 Frames
Live View:Yes: Real-time, On-display image Confirmation, Activated by One-touch Dedicated "LV" button at the Thumb Position; Continuous Shooting Possible Under the LV Mode (Without Breaking the LV Mode and Exposure will be Adjusted Automatically and Continuously Via Automatic Diaphragm)
Live View AF Options:
Contrast Detection AF with Face Recognition Option
Other Preview Options:
Optical Preview; Digital Preview
Movie/Video Recording:
Movie/Video with Mono-Audio Recording (with Built-in Microphone), Supported Video Modes: 1280 x 720 Pixels (16:9 Standard High Definition), 640 x 416 (3:1.95), 1536 x 1024 (3:2), All Modes at 30 Frames Per Seconds
Top Monochrome Status LCD:
Yes, with Electro-Luminescence (EL) Backlight
Rear Colour LCD Monitor:
3.0", 640 x 480 Standard VGA Resolution, Approximately 920,000 Colour Dots, 170° Degrees of View both Vertically and Horizontally
e-Wheels Control:
Front and Rear Wheels
Green Button:
Yes, Directly Under the Rear Wheel
Exposure Modes:
Green Mode, Hyper Program (P), Sensitivity Priority (Sv), Shutter Priority (Tv), Aperture Priority (Av), Shutter-Aperture Priority (TAv), Hyper Manual (M), Bulb (B), X-Sync (X), User and Movie
Metering System:
New 77-Segment Multi-Pattern Metering System, which Divides the Frame Equally in 7 x 11 Segments, Vertically and Horizontally Respectively; More Advanced Algorithm for Higher Exposure Accuracy
Metering Modes:
Evaluative, Centre-Weighted Average, Spot;
Selected via Dedicated Metering Mode Level at Camera Top
AF System:
New SAFOX VIII+ AF System, Layout Same As SAFOX VIII (11-Point, 9 Crossed); Improved in Speed and Accuracy
Focusing Modes:
AF-S, AF-C, MF; Via Dedicated Focusing Mode Selector Level
Dedicated AF Button:
Dedicated AF Point Selector:
Yes: Central, Auto and User Select
Built-in Flash (RTF):
Yes, Manual Pop-Up
Built-in AF Assist Light:
Orientation Sensor:
Shake Reduction:Pentax Original SR System which is Capable of Compensation Shakes in Up/Down, Left/Right and Rotational (Clockwise/Counter-clockwise) Directions
SR Activation:
Preset by Camera in Different Modes or Manually Activated/Deactivated by the User via System Menu
Image Tone Modes:
Seven Modes: Bright, Natural, Portrait, Landscape, Vibrant, Monochrome, Muted (for Delicate, Subdued Colours); Actual Effect Previewable under LV or Digital Preview Mode
Image Parameters:
Saturation, Hue, Contrast, Sharpness, Filter Effect, Toning, Key and Contrast Highlight/Shadow; Actual Effect Previewable under LV or Digital Preview Mode
White Balance Presets:
Auto, Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Fluorescent Light, Tungsten Light, Flash, CTE (Emphasizing the Colours of Sunset Scenes) and Incandescent-Tinted Fluorescent Light
Manual White Balance:
Yes: Manual Measurement, Presets and Fine-Tuning (for Green Vs Magenta and Blue Vs Amber)
Supported Colour Spaces:
sRGB (Default) and AdobeRGB
Other Features:HDR (High Dynamic Range) Mode (One Composite Image from 3 Exposure Bracketed Images), Dynamic Range Expansion, Auto Distortion and CA Corrections, Multiple Exposures, Copyright Credits Attachment, Dedicated RAW Button, 16 Digital Filters
Controls Around Shutter Release:
Optical/Digital Preview; Two Separate Buttons for ISO Speed Selection and +/- EV Compensation / Top LCD Panel Backlight/Illumination
Direct Control System for Basic Functions:
With the Four Ways / "OK" Buttons for WB, Flash, Drive and Image Tone Mode / AF Point Selection Activation
Standard Digital Controls:
Play/Delete (at Upper Left), Info/Menu (at Lower Right)
Dedicated One-Touch RAW Button:
PC Sync Socket:Yes
IR Remote Control:
Yes, Front and Rear Receivers
I/O Ports:
Left: DC In, PC/AV, HDMI Out, Mic In; Right: Cable Switch Connector
Battery:New Type High Capacity Rechargeable Type D-LI90, 7.2V/1860mAh (Nominal), Support up to 980 Shots Without Flash
Storage Media:
SD and SDHC Cards
130.5(W) x 96.5(H) x 72.5(D) mm (5.1 x 3.8 x 2.9 inches)
670g (22.9 oz.), Body Only (Without Battery and SD Card)
750g (26.5 oz.), Loaded and Ready (With Battery and SD Card)
Software:Pentax Photo Laboratory (with SILKYPIX RAW-data processing engine developed by Ichikawa Soft Laboratory), Pentax Photo Browser and Two Other Utilities
Kit Lens:
DA 18-55/3.5-5.6 AL WR (Water/eather Resistant)
Optional Accessory:
Vertical Battery Grip D-BG4, Weather-Sealed and Cold-Resistant, Support Either Another D-LI90 or Six AA Batteries, Provision of Extra Shutter-Release Button, Preview Lever, e-Dials, AE-Lock, Green Button and AF Button


1. Factory Specifications are Subject to Change Without Notice! ;-D

2. All the Stated Improved Performances and Accuracies are as Claimed By Pentax which are Yet to be Verified by the End-Users in the Coming Days!! :-0

3. (Personal:) I have Pre-Ordered the K-7!!! :-)


  1. Anonymous19/5/09 00:04


  2. Anonymous19/5/09 00:07

    The only concern I have is how much the AF speed is improved as claimed. Let's see...

  3. Where did you pre-order?

  4. Anonymous19/5/09 00:13

    crippled K-mount :o(
    0.92X VF :o(
    magnesium alloy outer shell :o)
    new SAFOX VIII+ ... we'll see :o)

  5. Another concern is "when will it be available?"!

  6. Anonymous19/5/09 00:15


  7. Anonymous19/5/09 00:16

    x-sync 1/180 WTF?

  8. Anonymous19/5/09 00:18

    Please highlight "Rotational (Clockwise/Counter-clockwise)".

  9. Anonymous19/5/09 00:19

    x-sync 1/180???? This is the reason i'll change to nikon now

  10. As well as
    "Copyright Credits Attachment"

  11. Anonymous19/5/09 00:31

    Thanks for the info.

    I take it thegrip will also have duplicated ISO and +/- buttons?

  12. Anonymous19/5/09 00:31

    1/180 is not confirmed

  13. Anonymous19/5/09 00:33

    hmmmm .. many new unusable functions .. what about FF & BF settings like k20d? Am I missing something?

  14. Anonymous19/5/09 00:35

    Thank you RiceHigh.

  15. Anonymous19/5/09 00:37

    Guys. Wait for OFFICIAL specs. x-sync NOT 1/180, I know I work for Pentax.

  16. Anonymous19/5/09 00:40

    FF & BF settings is available?

  17. Glad to see Remark #3. Hope to see some photographs *from* it, not just *of* it when you get it. :)

  18. Anonymous19/5/09 01:33

    Красотуля какая )))

  19. (sniffle)

    she's so...pretty.

  20. That looks really great! Finally the specs are revealed :) I will certainly have this camera body!

  21. Anonymous19/5/09 01:42

    almost the same size as my K100DSuper, Where do we pre-oder?

  22. Anonymous19/5/09 01:50

    This camera is great , i loved it but camera makers really need to put mono mics on it ???? hd video with a mono mic ??? please camera makers listen to me at least a stereo ...

  23. Anonymous19/5/09 01:56

    why stereo if you are recording sound from one point? guess thet mic input will be stereo

  24. Anonymous19/5/09 02:05

    If you want decent audio, use external audio and synch with a handclap. That's what you do.

    I don't want shed loads of audio in on the camera

  25. Anonymous19/5/09 02:20

    How much and when?

  26. Yesssss!!! Our new lawnmower will be in end of this week!!!!!

  27. By the way, I think that the AF switch not being flush with the body like with K20D is plain ugly...

    Won't buy....


  28. Anonymous19/5/09 02:44

    Looks like there will be no neck strap? One side of the hooks looks to be un-evenly aligned.

  29. You may have the same kind of neck strap you already have with 645 or 6x7

  30. I was expecting something to compete with the Canon 5D.
    This isn't it, going by those specs.

    Nice, but it could have done with a whole new AF system, not an evolution with the usual promises of speed and accuracy improvements.

    Without 1080p and only 30 fps the video function is a bit meh.

  31. Anonymous19/5/09 03:03

    Why did you post this info before date???
    Stupid action! Horsefucker!

  32. Anonymous19/5/09 03:15

    Why are you so simple?
    I hope Pentax to condemn!
    Rot in prison fuckin asshole!!!
    You are poor man seeking attention...

  33. Anonymous19/5/09 03:17

    Did I miss something? What is actually the problem?

  34. Anonymous19/5/09 03:36

    i miss the x-sync 1/250

  35. Anonymous19/5/09 03:45

    And the pictures? How does the K7 perform? The same quality as de K20 because of the same (new) sensor?

  36. Anonymous19/5/09 03:47

    Thank god for the same AF system... I'm so happy to hear that Pentax stuck to their guns and decided to incorporate the same 6.5yr old state-of-the-art AF system within this beauty...

    Huhhh??? What's that you say, oh, you want focus lock on a moving object? Muahhhahah! You can either master focus trap or move to Nikon or Canon! SAFOX VIII FTW!!!!!

  37. The specs looks good, but I will probably keep using the K100D until one glorious day I will upgrade.

  38. Thanks for the info!

    Just translated it to hungarian :)

  39. Anonymous19/5/09 04:42

    Very, very SAD.
    Fiewer buttons (where is my bracketing button?!), new place for ISO/Exp correction buttons, new rings for neckstrap (which doesn't allow to attach a handstrap -- it needs slot-shaped ring), only `+' is added to SAFOX model (I don't belive it will be much better than my K10D)...
    But new useless digital filters and other bells and whistles :(

  40. Anonymous19/5/09 04:46

    The pentaxes are catching up to Nikons and Cannons models from 2007. Way to go!!!!! Who needs good autofocus anyway?

  41. Don't forget, the specs are not 100% sure, maybe the saphox is more than a VIII+

  42. Anonymous19/5/09 05:11

    Ladies!. Wait for OFFICIAL specs. x-sync IS 1/180, I know, I work for Hoya!

  43. Anonymous19/5/09 05:12

    same ol' Pentax, still catching up the Canikon bodies....

  44. Anonymous19/5/09 05:21

    Guys I work for pentax X-Sync is 1/125, it's modern now. And 5.2 FPS is only with mirror lockup. We are trying to catch up competition. We are different, we have more unusable functions (like face recognition in semi-pro body), we are slower with AF, we have tiny bodies in various colours. Pentax is different.

  45. Anonymous19/5/09 05:22

    What a negative thread, we all know Ricehigh is Mr negative himself. Seems he has many followers. If you don't like Pentax, fuck off and buy Canon and Nikon.

  46. Anonymous19/5/09 05:27

    We are loyal members of pentax equipment, but pentax is still sleeping! Why to give pentax our money when it delivers old school bodies? We waited too long. It's time to Nikon & Canon. I am giving up with pentax brand.

  47. Anonymous19/5/09 05:33

    Go, go, go (and don't wait). We are very happy you leave the Pentax camp.

  48. Anonymous19/5/09 05:34

    You all blame equipment for not being able to make good photographs. You are not interested in photography but in specs.

  49. Anonymous19/5/09 05:54

    New sensor. It's qualities are what matters. The feature set is rather common, but if the images are improved (esp. at higher iso's) then i'm in. The AF could stand a real improvement.

  50. Anonymous19/5/09 06:23

    I love the compact and lightweight WR body with this kind of specs! Can't wait for reviews and after some discounts to get one! This would be my dream camera after using Pentax 645, and it's time to join Pentax DSLR. I hope they put 30mm lens back on the lens roadmpa.

  51. Anonymous19/5/09 06:56

    there was a talk of an electronic viewfinder according to some rumors. these specs do not suggest that... these specs seem to be nice but not revolutionary .... I think I will have to wait for the next version. alas.

  52. Anonymous19/5/09 07:26

    Okay sign me up for two with grips! I would like to see if those grips are indeed "Cold_Resistant", the grip on my k200 seems to not like cold.

  53. I already have a K-7 pre-ordered, straight from the sales rep.

    The specs look really nice. Hope it lives to the expectations.

    HD video is gonna be a must for me, since I'm into indie movie making. But beyond that, there's the new ultrasonic dust removal, the improved metering system, the improved AF (hope it's fast, but most important, ACCURATE) and other things here and there.

    K-7 seems to be almost in the leagues of the D300 (at least on paper): less AF points and probably slower AF, but in-body SR and better weather sealing. For roughly the same price, the K-7 HAS to live up to the specs.

    Sales rep. said it should be available early July (well, at least in Canada). Dunno if I can wait that long!... :(

  54. Anonymous19/5/09 09:19

    I AM GOING TO BUY CANON!!! I LOVE CANON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Well since the specs are already leaked, I won't hold on much longer for my hands-on report:


    Will have a gallery with English descriptions up on flickr soon.

  56. Anonymous19/5/09 10:11


    So you pre ordered this camera?? I can hardly wait til your expectations far exceed what it is capable of. The horror! You will not be able to get any sleep as you blaugh ad naseum world wide!!
    I would never pre order a new camera without seeing how it works out. That is just plain stupid.

  57. I'm stunned of the full-details on the spec list,and more with the images. May I know, if there any further details on how much K-7 will be?

  58. Would be nice if the K-7 sensor was APS-H (1.3) otherwise its just another (good) DSLR.
    But without a significant sensor change; there is no compelling reason to change from K20D

  59. Anonymous19/5/09 11:18


  60. My English version of the K-7 hands-on gallery is now up:


  61. Can I qoute your post in my blog?
    If not,I will delete my post.My post has a note that I qouted form your post.

  62. Thanks, Peter. Well, you're a beta tester? Please drop me your latest contact email to my Yahoo mailbox as it has been a long time I have not kept in touch with you. :-)

  63. > Marty said...
    > Can I qoute your post in my blog?

    Please feel free to do so as long as you (or anyone) acknowledge the source! :)

  64. Yes as long as the source is credited you can feel free to quote my article. :)

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. To Peter: ricehigh@yahoo.com
    See you~

  67. Hello RiceHigh,

    Thanks for the info.
    Hope You will be complately satisfied with K-7! ;-)
    Can't wait to get mine :)

  68. Anonymous19/5/09 15:30

    "Pre-order" is before the order.

    I think that means that Ricehigh is still thinking about whether to order or not. Or has placed an order but not yet committed to authorizing the charge. Or is on a mailing list to be told when the camera is available.

    And will place the real order in 2011 when Hoya are on SW version 1.55 (to improve AF to allow correct focus before the subject enters the FOV) and it's available for a closeout price of USD $955 with the WR 10-17 2.8-4.5.

    Please let us know when you find a retailer who'll take a real order rather than a pre-order.

  69. Anonymous19/5/09 16:28

    Whats the RAW burst rate ?

  70. 5.2 fps as given in the specs

  71. Irish Mark19/5/09 18:07

    as a press photographer i hope the autofocus performance has improved or i'am walking from Pentax. I can live with inconsistent flash performance with my own workarounds but sluggish AF/hunting with my K20 has spoiled an otherwise nice camera

  72. Anonymous19/5/09 19:28

    I really love my k10d, except for its shitty autofocus system, shooting at concerts is a real pain with it, not to say when used with the flash.

    I was waiting for some improvements and Pentax comes out, after a long long wait, with a toylike model just as small as a canon rebel with fewer useful buttons and many useless features: why?

    I will probably buy a 50d and sell my pentax stuff, sadly, but I will.

  73. Thank you anonymous to say such bullshits "for free", everyone here knows that such a camera if AF is good will be far better than your 50d.
    FMC from Italy

  74. Anonymous19/5/09 20:21

    Guys don't buy K-7 if you have K10/K20, image would be the same !!! I saw compared images ! AF perfomance a little bit improved, thats all. Same Safox VIII but AF assist lamp that's all.

  75. Anonymous19/5/09 20:52

    @Guys don't buy... Same Safox VIII but AF assist lamp that's all.

    Assist lamp is a huge improvement in low light shooting. This means 1-1.5 stop improvement with AF lenses and better IQ .

    As for image quality vs K10/20, the ISO3200 performance alone is worth it's price over K10 and even K20.

    However what will truly make the K-7 superior, will be movie mode, new sensor cleaning, battery support, FPS and waterproofing.

    This is going to be a very nice upgrade.

  76. It seems more like an upgrade of the K20D... a K30D if you will... Rather than warrants a completely new lineage...

    I feel unconvinced...

  77. Anonymous19/5/09 21:22

    Assist lamp is a huge improvement in low light shooting. This means 1-1.5 stop improvement with AF lenses and better IQ .

    You saw images from K-7 ? I saw, so stop talking bulshit ! Superior, superior all it's big Pentax marketing thats all, so I stay with my K20D. K-7 same picture + video.

  78. Anonymous19/5/09 23:18

    -less ergonomic
    -less functional (missing buttons)
    -same autofocus
    -same sensor
    -higher price

    but...yeah!...movie mode
    but...wow!...better sealing (how many saharians here?)
    but...great!...faster shutter (3 fps were enough for me)

    If this is confirmed, will move to a Canon and choosing Pentax would have meant only wasting money in a no-future brand.

  79. Anonymous19/5/09 23:56

    crazy people go and take some pictures! this body looks tight and functional, i don't see too much missing here or i'm blind. all i need right now is lenses but new body in a year would be a great upgrade.

  80. Anonymous20/5/09 00:14

    you are right.
    But you should know how I felt when my pentax wasn't going to focus on a moving subject, nightime: I wanted to throw it on the ground, really

  81. Anonymous20/5/09 00:52

    @You saw images from K-7 ? I saw, so stop talking bulshit ! Superior, superior all it's big Pentax marketing thats all, so I stay with my K20D. K-7 same picture + video.

    Actually you never saw K7 output(obviously).
    And you have never held or used one either.

    The extent of your knowledge "lies" right here in these sections...

    Not that I care(troll away), I'm just saying... :)

  82. Anonymous20/5/09 03:10

    Any ideas, how soon we'll be seeing reviews and/or image quality tests? My primary concern is the image quality, and ISO noise levels...I could care less about HD Video, etc., and all the other bells and whistles. I really was hoping for something that would compete with D700 or A900 or 5d. It doesn't look like this will be it.

  83. Anonymous20/5/09 03:12

    Also, any ides what the price for the body will be? I've heard around $2000...judging by the specs that seems a little high. It looks to me that K7 is aimed at competing with D90 and 50D, and they're priced way less. You can get a D300 for about $1450 nowdays...I really hope they price it at $1500 or less. I don't see why would anyone buy this for $2000, especially when you can add another $700 and get a D700.

  84. I want this camera. I think it's worth the purchase. I paid a hot grand for my K10 and I love it. I wanted a difference maker and the k20 was not it. This I believe is a difference maker, especially in Wedding photography. Take it...think it through...In my opinion...it is straight competition for the D300....if it comes in at 1200, I'm picking it up...

  85. Anonymous20/5/09 05:07

    $1200? I believe when K20D came out it was MSRP'ed at $1300, so I would think K7 will priced higher than that.

  86. Anonymous20/5/09 06:54

    I've heard $1300-$1500 from different sources, so I have no idea where did you guys get your $2000 from...

  87. A Pentax Canada sales rep I talked to said the price would be somewhere around 1600-1700 dollars in Canadian currency.

    Right now, that's roughly US$ 1400...

    We're talking about a semi-pro/pro-level DSLR here, something above the K10D/K20D, so the price tag goes accordingly.

    And please, let's wait too see what the DSLR is capable of before saying it's a crappy camera or saying it's better than any other APS-C DSLR out there...

  88. Anonymous20/5/09 11:19

    Any ideas what the ISO Noise performance going to be? K10D/K20D did not have good ISO performance. I am really looking a large improvement...hoping

  89. Anonymous20/5/09 11:29

    I wish SR had a switch instead of having to dive into the menu. That's a retrograde step where so much else about the camera makes me want to upgrade from my *istD. If your specs are right Rice the only major item missing from my wish list is a 35mm size sensor - I hope PRIME 2 image quality is much better.

  90. I have heard that the ISO noise performance would be in one stop advantage over the K20D. But do bear in mind that it is just a hearsay only and it is what a beta camera is about even though it is true.

  91. Anonymous20/5/09 14:09

    Hope it's better than that as I keep hearing people moaning about high iso IQ on K10/K20.

  92. Anonymous20/5/09 17:28

    I bought my K10D in november 2006. Since then I´ve been enjoying my Pentax, but, I need more!! The autofocus is slow and not very accurate. The image quality is just fine. I love a lot of things of my K10D, but I NEED MORE!!! I don´t want to change to Nikon, but the Nikon D300 seems to be a beast for its price. I´m hoping that this new K-7 is at least close to the D300, because I´m a Pentax fan and I wouldn´t be happy if I had to change!!

  93. Anonymous20/5/09 20:13

    I considered getting a D700 but hung out hoping for a big improvement from Pentax even though realising a 35mm size sensor was at least some distance off. I didn't want to replace all those lenses & it sounds as if Pentax have met me more than halfway. I'm keen to see how good the K7 is.

  94. Anonymous20/5/09 20:28

    The bad language of some posters is the domain of those with little of value to say.
    I don't often agree with Ricehigh's posts, but if you don't like his views skip the post. Anyway, I hope Pentax do well with their new DSLR.
    Their lenses and colour reproduction are still better than anyone else's, especially in value for hard-earned money.

  95. Anonymous20/5/09 20:54

    Doesn't seem that different than the K20d. They should have called this the K20D+ !!
    I doubt you Pre Ordered one Rice High.

  96. Anonymous20/5/09 21:59

    "Doesn't seem that different than the K20d. They should have called this the K20D+ !!"

    What more did you expect?

    Yust have a look at that list:

    I call these big differences ++++ and not only K20D+

    (And my K20D is still a very good Camera)

  97. OK....I normally don't participate in these forum posts. BUT, I have read too many ignorant, egotistical, ill-informed posts.

    For those saying that Pentax is catching up with Canikon bodies.....BULSHIT!

    First, YES Pentax has had challenges with AF and high ISO noise. In sub 400 ISO though, Pentax has had the BEST APS-C sensor on the market for two and a half years. That's not my opinion. These are FACTS. Pentax released their 14.6MP chip a year BEFORE Canon. SO it was Canon that was catching up to Pentax! In addition, if you haven't noticed Canon fucked it up. Do your homework. Canon's 15MP 50D is a WORSE camera than its predecessor the 40D. Mathematical FACT, Lower dynamic range, worse higher ISO noise, and generally less efficient operation. In fact DP Review is quoted as stating that the Pentax K20D is still a superior camera.

    So I applaud Pentax for not participating in the MP or FF race. Both are relatively irrelevant to the average user. And in the case of the APS-C sensors, higher MP seems to be a detriment to overall image quality.

    So, Pentax says "let's not fuck with what works" "lets make it better". Which by all indications, seems to be what they have accomplished. Now, I personally will reserve final judgement until I can put it in my hands and see for myself.

    For those wondering my qualifications or feeling they should challenge my implications. Do your homework! Look at the independant reviews of all of the models and look at the FACTS. Your opinion is not enough. Educate yourselves and be happy.


  98. Anonymous22/5/09 08:53

    Hi everyone !
    I see one issue with this camera... This model has really excellent LCD (920.000 dots). But I'm asking myself why they do not provide a cover for that screen? Nikon D90 has it !

  99. Such LCD cover is worthless IMO. Just attach a thin layer of LCD protecting film if required, which is much clearer and less bulky.

  100. Anonymous22/5/09 11:56

    Those Beta K7 sample photos are *much* better for noise than the K20D. I'm happy. I wanted to u/g from my *istD (which is a good camera but is unbelievably slow to turn on, focus, shoot, display the image & finally I can see the histogram - all that *only* takes about 30 secs!), not to mention the erratic focus & exposure or the AE-L button hidden away inconveniently flush with the body.
    I'm hoping the K7 is every bit as good to use as it seems.

  101. Of course the K-7 will be far better than the *ist D as technologies and generations are so different and far away. In fact, the K-m will blow the *ist D out of the water easily in many aspects for the same reason but it is just too primitve to replace the *ist D, as an enty level against a mid-class one (in its time back to 2003).

  102. Anonymous22/5/09 15:18

    Which of course is why I want to u/g. However the comparison was between the familiar K20D & the new K7. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on one.

  103. Anonymous22/5/09 22:00

    *Better* camera or better lens for my k200? hmmmm...

  104. Anonymous27/5/09 14:44

    Small, small camera. Really small.....

    All that power in a XSi sized body...


    .....I shall wait patiently until proper reviews are out before I splurge....

    Also, I read at DPreview forums that the K7 enjoys superior sensor shielding than the K20 which results in less noise. But I doubt this will be more than half a stop's worth.

  105. I am confused about the model number... K7? Is this not an 'upgrade' from the K20D?

    What about DFS.... Is this going to improve where the K20D fails miserably?

    How does the K7 long exposures (+ 15 sec) compare to the vastly superior Canon 40D, 50D?

    Have they taken away anything that the K20D is really good at (controls in all the right places, multiple exposures, reasonable weight, etc.)?

    I need to know if this is worth me dumping my loved/hated K20D. Has anyone compiled a comparison chart yet?

  106. BTW, Thanks Ricehigh! I really appreciate your efforts! I love your blog. Don't pay any attention to the useless trolls who through insults at you.

  107. Wow! Nice!! Very nice!

    Check out the video located here:

    I still need to know how it handles long exposures.

    I would have gladly traded HD Video for GPS EXIF recording. I wonder if they will release a GPS add-on?

    It has a digital level control!!!
    It has copyright meta data recording!!!
    It has a vastly improved live view (I think) and a quick engage button!!!

    Thus far, I am impressed!

  108. sdc, I'm glad that you like my blog and thanks for your encouragement. :)

  109. hey ricehigh, i have a question, you seem to know a lot about pentax cameras, so ill ask YOU. I have a couple of lenses that originally fit a pentax K1000 and its equivalent counter parts. do you think that these lenses would also fit on the pentax K7 camera? Anyone else know? Email me at ajr901@gmail.com

  110. ajr901: You don't need to ask Ricehigh. I'm not sure why this question is always asked when it is so well known that ALL Pentax bodies accept ALL Pentax lenses!!

    There is one minor exception... the OLD 70's (and earlier) screw-mount lenses do require an adaptor.

    Word of advice... NEVER post your email address in a public forum. You're just asking to be SPAMed!

  111. The old K series and M series Pentax K-mount lenses can mechanically fit on the K-7 but they cannot do wide opened metering but only stopped down - no difference with any other Pentax DSLRs ever made.

    It is just because the K-7's K-mount is still crippled but is not built completely with the original full K-mount specifications.

    For more technical details, read this:-


  112. Initially I was quite excited about the K7 but now that reality has kicked in, it appears that it is business as usual for Pentax.

    All indications are that the K7 is just a K20D in a smaller body with a few extra features. Unless marginally better AF is important, save your money and buy the K20D.

    - There is little to no IQ improvement
    - the K7 still demands mandatory DFS (Dark Frame Subtraction - which makes it terribly inconvenient to take bulb mode photos)
    - it's less ergonomic
    - marginally improved AF but contrast AF still trails far behind Canon and Nikon (for less money too!)
    - less buttons = less functional
    - SRP is higher than the superior Canon D50. Who does Pentax think there are?

    - They say their niche is weather proofing. So what? If you need to use your camera in the rain, you will more likely buy a professional Canon camera. Besides, the less costly Canon D50 has weather sealing too!
    - They say you can use all Pentax lenses going back to forever! Who cares? Most people want modern lenses with superior multi-coatings and great AF
    - They claim that in-camera SR (Shake Reduction) is an advantage. Granted, Pentax does have a good argument here! In-camera SR does ensure than lenses are less costly and every lens works with SR. BUT... is this one advantage worth investing $1000's of dollar? I wonder what Pentax will do when both Nikon and Canon release cameras with in-camera shake reduction?


    Anyhow, I've been a life-long Pentax supporter, that is until I received a reply from Pentax.

    A Pentax U.S. employee, by the name of, Dorian B. replied to my query about the mandatory DFS. This 'support' person simply stated that there wasn't enough market demand for what I was asking and that I should just wait the extra 10, 20, 30 minutes for the DFS process to ensure the most optimal image from my K20D.

    Ah... you know where I've love to shove your reply Dorian B.! :-|

  113. > sdc said...
    > Initially I was quite excited about the K7 but now that reality has kicked in, it appears that it is business as usual for Pentax.

    Yes. Exactly!

    > All indications are that the K7 is just a K20D in a smaller body with a few extra features. Unless marginally better AF is important, save your money and buy the K20D.


    > - There is little to no IQ improvement

    Yes, but even *worse*.

    > - the K7 still demands mandatory DFS (Dark Frame Subtraction - which makes it terribly inconvenient to take bulb mode photos)

    Yes. The K-m is the only current Pentax DSLR that can turn off the DFS, but then it doesn't have a cable switch socket. :-(

    > - it's less ergonomic

    The K-7 is more comfortably to hold IMO and it's smaller and lighter.

    > - marginally improved AF but contrast AF still trails far behind Canon and Nikon (for less money too!)


    > - less buttons = less functional


    > - SRP is higher than the superior Canon D50. Who does Pentax think there are?

    The price will drop drastically soon.

  114. Anonymous16/7/09 11:03

    SRP is higher than the superior Canon D50. Who does Pentax think there are?

    The price will drop drastically soon.


    Pentax has lucked out in that Samsung has its mind on the NX, and will not release any PK until the NX is well launched. The rumored NX price is under $800 with 2 lenses, and that would mean that they're going up against the big guns in the DSLR market. Sony is looking to get some kind of cheap-o full frame out for $1000.

    If Samsung can match GH1 14-140mm performance, Panasonic will actually have a fight on their hands - the the public always comes out the winner. That's what I'll be watching - how Samsung competes with that remarkable lens.

    IMO anyone paying $1300 for a K-7 body will soon suffer buyer's remorse, as happened with K20D - there's supposed to be a coupon for lens discounts packed with U.S. K-7 sales, as I understand.

    Pentax seems to understand its place in the market even less than some of our posters do.

  115. RE: IMO anyone paying $1300 for a K-7 body will soon suffer buyer's remorse, as happened with K20D


    I don't entirely agree. At least for me, I did not regret the $1300 CDN I paid for my K20D. By the time it reduced to nearly half that price (about 7 months later), I had already made more than that back in photo gigs.

    In regards to the K7, I'd have no problem playing the current price, if they only fix the sensor noise issues and allowed disabling DFS. These are issues that plagued the K20D. Clearly Pentax can't solve this issue, don't care about the many customer complaints, and/or were in a rush to bring out a marginally better camera under the guise of being a revolutionary upgrade.

    Finally, you would think that Pentax would be more careful. Pentax's market share is a distant 5th place, they are the least prolific manufacturer and so when they actually release that rare new camera, they better ensure that it truly is revolutionary. If they are unwilling to correct DFS, I am not waiting two more years for a K20D replacement!

    Attn Ricehigh (et al): Can we get together to create a campaign to get Pentax to address this DFS issue?

  116. > Attn Ricehigh (et al): Can we get together to create a campaign to get Pentax to address this DFS issue?

    I think it would be useless as this problem is well known for long. In fact, it is not a Pentax problem but a Samsung one! Only if Pentax don't use the Samsung sensor anymore or Pentax choose another make, the problem cannot be resolved. (and it seems that Samsung cannot find a solution for their this sensor problem neither.)

  117. >I think it would be useless as this
    >problem is well known for long. In
    >fact, it is not a Pentax problem
    >but a Samsung one!

    But all I am asking for the ability to turn off DFS. Surely the additional coding wouldn't take much in time and costs. I'm willing to live with the consequences of no DFS... in fact, I would even accept a delayed DFS function where long exposures are processed on demand and at a later time.

  118. I bet without the DFS, the results are just too terrible and ugly to so and thus Pentax had no choice!

  119. Anonymous16/7/09 16:24

    RE: I don't entirely agree. At least for me, I did not regret the $1300 CDN I paid for my K20D. By the time it reduced to nearly half that price (about 7 months later), I had already made more than that back in photo gigs.


    I consider part of this irrelevant, for this reason.

    a). Did you get paid work because of the K20D, or because of YOU?

    b). Did you get shots with K20D that you were unable to get with what you had before? Why?

    c). Could you have done the same work with a Canon or Nikon rig?

    The camera only gets extra credit when it enables a photographer to do work that they could not do before.

    My own work is on computer. I could always use faster chips to save some time, but the work would be of the same quality. They're hiring ME; not the keyboard or monitor or CPU.

  120. Anonymous25/1/10 14:27

    I have a k10-D which I have extensively used. But I always believe and feel that pentax always fails to give the super sharp images that one can see in the canon and nikon equipment images. There is detail in the pentax images but the needed per pixel sharpness that i need is sadly absent. I had sincerely hoped pentax cold come out with something competitive with the k-7.... however i am now more and more convinced that Pentax likes to play a 'JACK OF ALL AND MASTER OF NONE" in its industry. It does not like to be top class and prefers to be second fiddle. I know it sounds I blaming pentax...but in all fairness i keep waiting and waiting and there seems to be no real development, espescially in the area of wildlife photography where i focus upon. Yes, in pentax you have a lot of old lenses available... but what is the point in focusing on quantity over absolute quality... I love my pentax equipment including the DA Primes... unfortunately it still does not come close to the performance levels of a Canon 7D.


  121. Try the K-x, just for the cost of about a Pentax mid-grade lens now.

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