Sunday, May 17, 2009

Flickr Pentax K-7 Images Pool

A good collection of nearly all the K-7 images (or other related images in the story) published so far since the first Mr. Blurry Cameraphone image surfaced, leaked or not, official or unofficial, real or unreal/hoax:-


Two interesting size comparisons of the back of K-7 against those of K20D and K-m can also be found.

Enjoy in the meantime before this Countdown Reaches Zero, Very Soon! A bit more relieving now? ;-)


persianpentaxian said...

any guess on the price?

persianpentaxian said...

also is the lcd screen really 3 inches?

Anonymous said...

price in Europe € 1500 :-( = $2000 (with VAT) - with 18-55

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