Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Unofficial Full Size K-7 Samples, Firmware Version 0.35

See the latest samples posted by the "What Digital Camera" online:-

10 full size original samples are posted, plus a cropped one at ISO 1600. Various ISO speeds were used for those shots, from ISO 100 to 1600. As we can see from those 1600 shots that were made under a bright day with adequate exposure, the noise are well controlled (although the Dynamic Range can be more limited, as it should be).

The exposure accuracy seems to be good with the new Matrix metering system. All photos were shot with the Matrix mode with no exposure compensation. Quite some of the scenes are of high contrast and the image mode was set to high contrast too, but yet exposures were well taken so that most highlights and shadows are well preserved.

As for other image quality aspects, you'd better pixel peep and judge yourself!

The lenses used were the DA*50-135 and the DA 14.


Anonymous said...

Still, noise level at iso 100 is comparable to iso 200/400 on my k200d...

citizen said...

Where is the firmware, ISO, and lens data?

RiceHigh said...


Yu Chai said...

the k7 scheduled to release in JP at the end of June. But we still don't have any sample with firmware 1.0. I just wonder whether the it will be delayed or not.

RiceHigh said...

I hope that they can meet the schedule. In the past, Japan and Hong Kong had new Pentax bodies on sales at almost the same time and I hope that I can have a touch on "my" new K-7 by the end of this month! :-)

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