Wednesday, February 01, 2012

New Positive News and Rumours of Pentax

1. AP UK magazine has recently interviewed the GM of Pentax UK, Mr. Jonathan Martin. For what is important and excited about, he said clearly that Hoya considered to re-hire fired engineers by Hoya, cited:-

"Martin said Ricoh has indicated that it plans to expand Pentax's camera business and re-hire engineers that Hoya dispensed with during its tenure of Pentax's imaging division."

(Credit: Blog reader VoiceOfReason)

It seems that JM also hinted about a new Pentax DSLR to come, although his statements have not been direct and really clear, as usual:-

"But he added: 'We also see good opportunity in consumer DSLR… We have less competition in this market… There are clear areas we can develop.'

Commenting on the DSLRs Pentax currently makes, Martin told AP: 'We have the K5, the KR, nothing in the middle and nothing above it.' "

2. It is reported by Photo Rumors (here and here) that a new Pentax DSLR model is coming, in addition to the new K-01 mirrorless which will be announced earlier by tomorrow, right before the CP+!

There is no further details given but it is "guessed" that the new model would be named as K-30 or K-300. Just believe it or not, but I think the PR should have some (insider) sources of information before they posted something.

3. Full Frame Pentax DSLR by this year fall of 2012!

Russian Photo Gear News Site Via DPR Pentax Forum.


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