Wednesday, September 15, 2010

D7000 is Already There! Let's Wait for Pentax' Take on Monday for the K-5!!

My previous reported rumour about the D7000 is correct and the specs are mostly true. Here are two of the latest news reports (at DPR and the Japanese DC Watch). Let's wait for Pentax' take with the K-5 announcement on next Monday. In fact, the K-5 shares the same Sony HD CMOS sensor as the D7000's and the specifications are quite similar.

It's not bad to have a D7000 equivalence in the Pentaxland afterall, although the K-5 should be a bit dearer. But we have no choice, right? We won't yet build another *system* (I have so many already!) just because of the "little" price difference?! :-o

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