Monday, September 13, 2010

Caught in the Wild: K-5 Ad

The last leaked photo of the K-5 is true. Here is the "verification"!

(Source: "Blende8", reference links/posts here and here)

Well, it uses the K-5 chassis afterall. But how about the *inside*? Vastly improved? Something Yes? More things NOT??

If it uses the new Sony 16M sensor, I am not worried about the high ISO IQ. But if what our rich merchant Adam tells is true, I am still much worried about the "new" SAFOX system, since Pentax/Hoya is yet just unable to add even one more AF point for their system, which is found to have various latent problems and design limitations that I explained in the last time.

As for other K-7 problems such as the shutter vibration issue that causes blur, we will know if there is any improvement when the retail K-5 units hit the streets, possibly within October.

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