Thursday, September 23, 2010

Zeiss Stopped Production of (Z)K-mount Lenses

As this has been "rumoured" for some time now, it has happened!

Quoted, "Based on the market situation, the division will focus on SLR lenses from the ZE and ZF.2 series in the future. With production of ZK series lenses for cameras with a K mount set to end in the fall of 2010, some focal lengths will no longer be available. However, the remaining ZK lenses will continue to be offered at unchanged prices while stocks last."

via DPR Thread and Discussions Here.

But one question is: Why those prestigious "3rd party" lens makers aborted the Pentax market one after one? Just think about it.. :-(

N.B. It should be noted that some of the lately announced ZK lenses have not yet been delivered to some markets up till now, e.g., the Japanese home market for the Distagon T* 21/2.8 ZK! If you really want to buy one, buy it at the B&H while the final stock (but yet it is just the 1st batch!) lasts!! :-o :-|

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