Sunday, September 26, 2010

K-5 Portrait Samples (Indoor @ Photokina) ISO 800 - 51200

At this Album:-
(K-5 Firmware 0.3, Lens: DA*50-135/2.8)

Click on any of the downsized pictures below to download the specific original full-size image in a new Tab/Window (I have edited and added the direct links for easy viewing, the Flickr interface is just too clumsy and troublesome to use! >:=[ Warning: Very Large Files!):-

ISO 800

ISO 1600
ISO 3200
ISO 12800
ISO 51200

via Information on Digital Cameras (Japanese)

P.S. The timestamps in photos are not correct as possibly the camera was not properly set up for the clock.

Update: A DNG RAW file at ISO 51200 is available for download Here.

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