Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Korean Popco.net K-5 Hands-on Preview

As usual, this site is super sluggish loading for the page and especially with all the video clips contained that are in swf Flash:-


Hints to read and view: Just let the videos that you're interested load for the first time without waiting and watching, playback the next time after that and it will load much smoother! As for the main page and if you have lots of videos to load, just click them all and then go to the toilet/bathroom to do something and come back later! ;-)

This preview does worth to take a look (as usual for theirs). So, just be patient! @_@

In particular, the LV CDAF video demo shows that how fast the CDAF of the K-5 is! It is even faster than the EOS 550D that I reviewed before, which is already the fastest for a *DSLR*. You will be surprised! :-o (Pentax, Well Done! I *have to* say this time! :-))

Besides, as seen in the demo, another interesting thing and new function (Optional / Customise-able?) is that the CDAF now features an Auto Zoom-in during the CDAF operation, which is really nice for better assurance and re-confirmation of the correct focus by the user!~

Update (9-22), Direct Video Links Added for Quick and Easier Comparison:-

K-5 w/ DA 40 Limited:-

550D w/ EFS 18-55 IS:-

K-x w/ FA 31 Limited:-

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