Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Nikon D7000 is Around the Corner, Can Pentax Really Cope With?

This latest rumour at the Chinese Xitek Forum does make some sense..

(in Simplified Chinese)

So, there will not be a D95, but a D7000 instead, which has specifications and an useful feature set that is just more than a K-5 Plus a K-r, for what it has been rumoured and as compared, as follows:-

Nikon D7000:

- 100% Field-of-View Optical Finder
- Dual SD Card Slots
- Magnesium Alloy Body
- Sony 16.2MP HD APS-C CMOS Imager
- Expeed 2
- 1080p/24 Full HD or 720p/30 HD Videos, Maximum 20 Minutes
- Can Take Pictures During Video Recording
- Continuous AF Possible During Video Recording
- Stereo Microphone
- 6 FPS
- Electronic Level Meter
- One-Touch Video Recording and Live View
- ISO Range: 100-25600
- 39-Point AF System
- Wireless Flash Support
- Weather Sealed
- New Proprietary Battery Model
- Expected Suggested Price: US$ 1199

So, below is an overall summary on what the K-5 and K-r are rumoured so far, yet with rather limited information anyway:-

Pentax K-5:

- Magnesium Alloy Body (as It Should Be, for a Model *Above* the K-7)
- Sony 16.2MP HD APS-C CMOS Imager
- 1080(p/i?) Full HD Video Support
- 7 FPS
- ISO Up To 25600
- Weather Sealed
- Expected Suggested Price: JPY 139,000 (~US$ 1,640) <- This Price is Insane, IMHO!

Pentax K-r:

- 120 Colours (12 Body x 10 Grip Colours)
- Sony 14.2MP HD APS-C CMOS Imager
- 720p HD Video
- 6 FPS
- Red Dot Indication for AF Point Selection
- New Proprietary Battery Model Plus Support to Use AA Batteries Also
- No Vertical Grip Option

- Expected Suggested Price: JPY 74,800 (~US$ 880)

After looking at these, the BIG Question comes across my mind is Just: How Could and CAN Pentax/Hoya Compete if the information "leaked" are true? WHY PENTAX?? :-o :-|

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