Thursday, December 23, 2010

Different by Pentax~

See this Video Ad:-

Five European languages are available, which can be chosen from the drop down menu at the top right side. Just let it be downloaded and played once and then re-play it again, then you will get a fast and smooth video for viewing regardless of your internet connection speed, as the whole video clip will be completely buffered.

When the video is finished for playing, the following URL will be forwarded, under which official Pentax France product pages will be linked to, for the DSLR(s) that you are interested in and like:-

(Remarks: Direct linking to the above page is just not possible, just drag the video playing slider to the end if you just want to go to the page directly!)

I think I would end here for my this Pentax promotion post (as I have usually done that for them anyway! ;->). At the end of the day, I think one reason for using/choosing Pentax is still: To be Different, Just! ;-D Really..

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