Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Spyder2(Pro) Retired..

My Spyder2Pro has served me well for years. But since there has been the 3 out there for quite a while, I have been tempted to upgrade for long. :-)

But as I found that I always use 6500K and Gamma 2.2 for my calibration and I do not use dual monitor configuration but just a single monitor, I opt to buy the new Spyder3Express, which is essentially a "downgrade" if only the product class is concerned! :-0

Indeed, the Spyder3 Pro version has many more additional features than the Express, which is just an entry-level product afterall. In particular the "Native" colour temperature option and the ambient light (and colour) sensor is what that I don't need (as it varies differently anyway throughout the day as I always work near the windows, at home or at work). The re-calibration "assistant" to me is a real annoyance, and I have disabled that for my Spyder2Pro using some method that I briefed before in my previous article.

I bought the Spyder3 in late November but I have only unpacked it and tried it during the X'mas holidays. I have calibrated two monitors of mine so far, a Dell 24" Full HD 16:9 UltraSharp and an older EIZO 4:3 19" LCD. Below are some screen shots during the calibration process:-

[ Just forget about the serious pin-cushion distortion of the shots, it is just one of the "characteristics" of the Sony NEX 18-55 kit lens! :-( ]

Well, what I can tell is that the 3 works quite obviously better than the 2 with LCD. I've got better colour/tone accuracy and better consistency across different machines as well. Anyway, it is just not something totally surprised for what the latest electronic device/gadget with the latest technologies does shine over the old ones. At only (US)$90, I think this is just a real bargain, and most importantly, it does really work, and very well! :-)

For more about how to work with the Spyder 3, read this tutorial (unofficial).

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P.S. Later on, I might re-calibrate my LED notebooks and upload my Spyder3 ICC profile for these blueish monitors!

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