Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pentax Wins in Internet Votes for the Year 2010

First of all, DC Watch has raised a poll for the hottest DSLRs/ILDCs of 2010 during the period of Dec. 8 to 22, 10,354 votes were received and the results may surprise you..
(in Japanese, English Page Here (machine-translated).)

The K-5 wins in this poll! It is ranked number 1 as followed by the Nikon D7000 in the second place which has 0.5% less votes. Congratz, Pentax! I think this must make every Pentax fans happy and happier than ever! :-> Besides, the 645D and the K-r are also in the top ten.

Next, we have the mega polls at the 1001 Noisy Cameras for the (most popular) camera group polling for the Year 2010. Once again, Pentax cameras win in all polls in which it is voted against the same tier and peers!

Afterall, I think Pentax fans and users must be the ones who spend most time in the Internet and participate most in posting and polling. Otherwise, "we" couldn't have won all those polls, could we? ;-D

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