Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Posts of the Months 2010 (Major Pentax Events of the Year)

Well, it's time for me to take a review on the major Pentax events in 2010, I've selected at least one more important post per month for the whole year of 2010. Here they are~


January:The SDM Petition Online

February:K-7 Limited Silver

March:645D Announced!

April:TIPA Awards 2010 Announced (The K-x gets one.)

May:The Official Pentaxian of the Year Has Gone Nikon

June:Pentax' Performance Evaluation Against Forbes' Seven Secrets of (Successful) Companies

July:True Rumour for Upcoming Pentax DSLRs and Plan?

Mr. Pentaxian Has Decided to "Move On"

Pentax Announcement(s) for New Stuff Coming on Sept. 9

September:Pentax K-r and New DA(L in Real!) 35/2.4

New DA 18-135 WR Appeared

K-5 *Unofficial* Announcement and Specs!

October:1,000 Signatures of the Pentax SDM Petition Online

Ten Reasons for Thinking Twice before Decided on a K-5

November:Ned's Blog Revived and New (Small) Samples

(Alexa) Traffic Ranking of Pentax-Theme Websites

December:Endless Stains on the K-5 Sensors!

Btw, shall we see a Pentax Full Frame DSLR and/or a Pentax ILDC in 2011? Let's wait and see! :-) If it really happens, it will be the true big events of Pentax in recent years, not only just in 2011! :-o

Last but not least, to complement my list of important Pentax events which I posted in 2010, here is Yet a Poll for the most significant (Pentax) Product(s) or Invention(s) of the Year. Your take now! (Multiple choices allowed.)

The Most Important Pentax Product or Invention in the Year 2010
DA(L) 35 F2.4
DA 18-135 F3.5-5.6 WR
DC (In-lens) AF Motor
K-5 UFOs! ;-D
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