Wednesday, December 01, 2010 Claims Hacked, Calling for Donations

This message is sent out a few hours ago, from the PF (PF stands for Purple Fringing? ;->)

"Dear Member,

It seem that the old server has been compromised by a hacker and the only way to secure our data is by migrating servers.

We are performing an emergency migration this evening and anticipate minimal downtime.

In an effort to protect the integrity of all forum data and to keep the hacker out, we have employed a server administration company which is currently working on the migration. As such services are VERY expensive, we're calling out for donations from the community:

We appreciate your support and expect to be back on the new server shortly!


Just believe it or not at your own for what it is told. But I am a bit surprised that there is yet another reason for asking for more donations! Maybe a few days later the webmaster of the WikiLeaks would ask the world for huge donations owing to the fact that his website is being seriously hacked these days! ;-D

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