Friday, December 10, 2010

Korean SLRClub's K-5 Full Review

(in Korean, Google translation does not help as most text are embedded in pictures. Some of the images and tests are self-explanatory, though.)

Well, it tests many many things and this review is actually very nice. But it takes a longer time to load, as there are just too many pictures and video previews in a single page! :-o There are a lot of test samples, including both for the sake of different measurbations and fortunately also real-life ones (which are downsized, though). Furthermore, the Imatest colour tendency/accuracy is also tested.. and More!

It is interesting to note that the Dynamic Range is tested with a greyscale stepping target which is shot for one image at the *same* time and the results are analysed, which indeed resembles real-life shooting situations. The measured maximum DR for the K-5 is 9.71 EV steps.

This method of measuring the DR is very similar to the approach taken by the Dpreview. But if the result is to be compared to that obtained by the DXOMark for the K-5, there is at least a 4 EVs+ difference.


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