Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Attraction of Nikon

Our honourable official Pentaxian of the Year, Mr. Lance Blackburn, has gone completely Nikon, even now for the APS-C format, see:-

via Lance B is enjoying his Nikon D7000!: Pentax SLR Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review:

This is somewhat against what was told by Lance before, as some posters in the above DPR discussion thread have already pointed out, I also wonder if Lance would use his K-7 and Pentax system anymore. At least it can be seen (in his profile page) that he posts nothing more about Pentax at the DPR forums, but just Nikon! Lance, all my best wishes to you for enjoy using your D700 plus new D7000 body with all those new beloved Nikkor lenses of yours! Hope you use them to take more great photos then! :=D

Btw, I just wonder, what "push" Lance to get the D7000 instead of the K-5? Do these ten reasons apply? :-o

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