Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Is the AF Accuracy of Pentax K-5/K-r Really So Bad?

See this recent poll at a large German Pentax forum:-

(Google English Translation Here)

At the time of writing this Blog post, there are 47+62+10+58 = 177 votes input for the poll. Amongst which 58 users do not have neither a K-5 nor a K-r. But for those who have the two latest Pentax bodies with the SAFOX IX/+, the failure rate for accurate AF is 39.5%, whilst for those users who reported that there was no problem is in 52.1% and the remaining 8.4% of the K-5/K-r users are just uncertain about the problem.

In fact, quite some new K-5 and K-r users are still complaining about the AF accuracy of their new units daily, just see two recent examples here and here. For some more previous AF issue reports for the K-5 and K-r, just search here.


Major Causes of Poor AF Reliability of Pentax DSLRs

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