Friday, December 03, 2010

Kazuhisa Nishikawa's K-5 Girl Portrait Samples @ DC Watch

(in Japanese, Google-translated English page here.)

The lenses used are the excellent FA 43 Limited and the DA* 16-50. Frankly, I am NOT impressed indeed. The skin tone does not look pleasing than my like.. :-( This is really quite an exceptional case amongst most of Kazuhisa's girl photos, which usually look nice to my eyes, no matter technically or artistically! :-) To compare, see what the 60D produced for the last month:-

Or still unconvinced, just look back at all those photos took by Kazuhisa with the K-7 and K-m previously:-

Kazuhisa Nishikawa's Latest K-7 Samples

Some "Better" K-m Large Size Sample Pictures ;-)

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