Wednesday, December 01, 2010

New 60D and D3100 Full Size Samples at DC Resource Posted


Taken with a EF 18-200/3.5-5.6 on the 60D, original in-camera finest JPEGs and all made with default settings, i.e., no tweaking of any and all are by the camera itself. EXIF data preserved.


Photos were taken with same principle and methodology, the nikkor kit lens of AF-S 18-55/3.5-5.6 VR was used.

By looking at the samples produced by both DSLRs, what I have to say is, most of those samples from the K-5 suck, no matter what kit lens is used, i.e. for both the new very expensive DA 18-135 or the supposed to be cheaper DA 18-55 WR (which is not really cheap anyway). Indeed and very frankly speaking, both the 60D and D3100 produce sharper and better images with higher resolution and less CA and purple fringing on images for very similar shooting conditions and scenes. Besides, we can see that the EF 18-200 is not bad even at wide opened, just see this indoor church example (Warning: Large File to Download).

In fact, the Canon 18-200 has a longer zoom range than that of the DA 18-135 DC, but yet as we can easily see, the images of the Canon combo are far better in IQ than most of the posted samples that we can find so far with the (US)$2,000 Pentax combo of the latest and uppest product class of theirs, this yet holds true even when the supposed to be the best samples by our Pentax president are compared with this luxury and "high-end" kit set of the Pentax latest.

Up till now, I am hugely disappointed and much upset. Indeed, I planned to buy the K-5 + DA 18-135 since its first announcement but I think there are now more than enough examples for me to make up my mind - for not wasting my money in buying this useless setup. Or even more serious, I should not have false hope(s) with Pentax anymore - I think I have had more than enough wishful thinking with Pentax and Hoya these years! >:-[

Well, some fanboys would tell me to "move on". Yes, I agree. I am really seriously considering this now. Stupid Me! :-|

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