Tuesday, September 13, 2011

P-Q BCN Sales Results have Only been Good for One Week!? :-o

Last week the Q body (kit) was at No. 11 at best of the BCN "Body" Chart, but this week it has fallen down to No. 47!?

The same has happened for the Q lenses, last week the Fisheye Toy lens was at the Third Place of the Lens Chart, now this week it is at position No. 29!

Now it seems that the sales surge is really instantaneous, and very possibly it is just the delivery and shipment of the 1st lot of pre-ordered goods. So, let's wait for the price drop of the Q then (if you're still somehow interested)! Frankly, at a price of about (US)$400, I might buy it! :-D But I would yet wonder if it could do how much better than my Pentax WG-1 GPS in term of the IQ (and at least mine has the GPS function after all)!

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