Monday, February 27, 2012

Paint It Yourself (PIY) of Your Lenses! :-o

1. Turn a cheapo Black kit lens into a luxury Canon White L:-

Btw, Canon don't have any white coloured lens in short focals. So, this certainly looks fake in the beginning! And I don't think it looks anything good against my 70-200L telephoto, which has a silver lining near the lens front. As for that EFS 18-55, I think they should have at least kept/re-painted the silver lining of the zoom scale! Nope? :-(

2. Turn the even ever cheapest AF prime on Earth into a White Luxury lens!

I have this lens myself and am sure that this modded white version is not looking anything better than the original one by no means! :-o

3. Change a White L lens into a Black one!

Now, it becomes to look like my 17-40L and 24-105L etc.! But, I just wish to ask, what does the hobbyist/blogger want?! When the lens is black, he re-painted it into white, and this time when it is white, he had to re-paint it into black!?

4. Even Nikon cannot be "exempted"! Now it is turned from Black into White for that ED telephoto lens!

Oh, that pity black/gold lens now becomes a Canon white lens, but without the Red lining! :-o

After all, it seems to have a lot of fun there for what the hobbyist has done, but frankly I don't think it is worth to do so, unless you've nothing better to do and have too much time to spend (or waste IMHO)! :-x And, do bear in mind such lens disassembling and camera hacking might cause unnecessary misalignment to the internal optical elements and could eventually affect the final image quality, not even to say the mechanical and electronic integrity of the lenses might be affected as well.

At the end of the day, I still like my Pentax white lens in Gold lining, which is yet unique in the Pentax lens line (ever and against other makes' as well) and is yet looking nice~

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