Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Pentax Ricoh Discloses Lenses in Development for K, Q and 645 at CP+

See what DPR reports:-

No live photo at the exhibition is posted as it is just a pure-text press release. It seems to be a paperware "show-off" by the way!

And, Pentax Germany has also published the press release by themselves:-

Indeed, there is no clearer information provided for the new lenses in development for the Q. But as for that DA 560mm/5.6 super-tele photo lens, it seems rather strange that it is yet not a Star lens, against what all super-tele photo lenses of Pentax in the past and indeed for all other makers of these should belong to the "luxury" series of their lines. And, why such a strange focal? Is it just too long on APS-C? As Pentax has nothing above 300mm in K-mount right now, why not make first a 400mm/5.6 lens or a 500mm/5.6 lens first??

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