Monday, February 13, 2012

Mounting a (Cheap) Telescope onto a Pentax (K-mount) Camera Body

Before the upcoming Pentax DA 560/5.6 comes and if you really need one, here is already an alternative option, i.e., the Samyang/Walimex 650-1300/8-16 telescope:-

The "lens" can be mounted onto a K-mount body via an T to K adaptor. It is sold at 299 Euro or a bit more than 300 US$. Here are some reviews of it, don't expect stellar optical performance, though:-

And two sample pictures taken with it:-

(at 650mm)

(at 1300mm)


(The Scene)

So, adapting a telescope to a DSLR/ILDC may or may not be a good idea. That depends on what you want actually. It offers a cheap solution for a very long reach, nevertheless.

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