Monday, February 13, 2012

The "Ideal" K-mount Mirrorless

Well, I named mine as the RH-01, which has the following appearance and features! ;-D

(The backdrop is close to the main body colour of the Yellow K-01! I think if I had it, it could look slimmer when put onto that as part of the thick body could be hidden! ;-D)

1. It has a thin and small body!

2. It has an articulated monitor!

3. It has an aperture control ring! That's called the "Hyper Operation" in Pentax terminology! In addition, the aperture can be changed at anytime during video recording!! It also had the H.264 MP4 compressed video in 30 frames (long time ago!) that some Pentax fans has *suddenly* raved about! ;->

4. It weights far less than the K-01! :-o The above combo with a *Pentax K-mount* pancake lens is only at 540g, with flash, battery and memory card plus a light handstrap, too. In fact, the above lens weighs 140g by itself, leaving the body alone weighs only at 400g, which is yet ready to shoot. And, if I used a cheaper adaptor, I can save 30g more!

5. The match is with better outlook and more balanced with all those elegant DA limited pancakes rather than a thin lens on a thick bricky body! >:-(

After all, I am keeping my K-x, same as the K-m, which are yet the smallest and lightest Pentax DSLR bodies and most importantly, they are equipped with a *viewfinder*, if they are meant to be made bigger!


The Half-Baked K-mount Mirrorless! >:-(

Size and Weight Comparison for the K-01 (Against K-5, K-r and K-x)

K-01 Poll 1/2: Do You Like about the Design Appearance of the K-01?

K-01 Poll 2/2: How Do You Think about the Practicality of the K-01?

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