Thursday, February 02, 2012

Pentax Russia Has Posted a Full Gallery of K-01 Product Images

Thanks to the alert by Blog reader Marian, we have this link:-

Edit (@ China/Russia Standard Time 19:30): The Russian official Pentax site has been down, maybe owing to too much traffic that the webserver could not handle! :-(

Almost all official product images of the K-01s and lens are posted. But download is now super sluggish as I bet the website server has been overwhelmed! :-( Maybe you can just "please come back later"!~ Btw, viewing on the small thumbnail images still give you some better ideas of the outlooks of them, I suppose.

As for the press release over there, it is similar to B&H's one that has just been published a few hours ago. We still get no size and weight information and it seems that Pentax has been trying to make these low profile. Btw, wait for the next hour to come and I believe DPR and PF will have these publicised.

Btw, now you can continue to vote on my last poll about whether you do like the appearance of the K-01 or not! :-D

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