Friday, February 17, 2012

Pentax Full Frame Dream Crushed Today! :-o


製品名:「smc PENTAX-DA 50mmF1.8」(仮称)製品写真

・「Kマウント」デジタル一眼カメラ専用の標準中望遠単焦点レンズ ※2012年2月15日 誤記を訂正いたしました

for an official correction about the DA50 lens from being described as a "standard" lens to "mid-tele".


But this time, I have a different opinion than the above OP's. At this moment, it is completely technically correct for the 50mm on APS-C, i.e., the effective focal and Angle of View is in mid-tele. But if some days later there is really a K-mount Pentax FF body, then this 50mm lens could become a "standard" lens again, as long as it has a true 135 Full Frame coverage.

So, there is hope, still! ;-)

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