Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Long Awaited Canon 5D3 FF is Coming, Very Soon!

As confirmed in the last official interview with the Pentax head, Pentax is not going to give us any Full Frame body in the foreseeable future. :-o

Today, it is leaked that the Canon 5D3 is actually around the corner! It might be announced on March 2nd, very soon!


Well, the pictures look quite real to me. My new "affordable" FF dream could finally be completed, unfortunately not in the Pentaxland, since it only arrives at Canon's! :-(

Btw, the Canon EF-mount system is the only viable DSLR system that could adapt Pentax film lenses with infinity focusing but without any major mount surgery required (and it is reversible for the temporary removal of the aperture coupler of the lenses).

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