Monday, February 06, 2012

Simple Solution to the Lack of Viewfinder of the K-01!

Just Do It Yourself, one of the first K-01 beta testers has already made it! See? So, "what's fuss about"?! :-D

Via Russian IXBT Pentax Forum.

Fear not anymore for difficult viewing of the LCD monitor outdoor on a bright day! Lol..

Update (3-12): I have been seeing potential K-01 users have been looking for an external HDMI LCD with cover so as to tackle with this issue, like this:-

(See the product details here (in Japanese) at Sony's official page.)

However, this is just a waste of money as the K-01 simply does NOT even support HDMI video out in shooting modes. So, it is helpless. And, and external large monitor with shelter still isn't a finder, is it? :-o The most mysterious thing is that WHY started trying to find a solution for a lame product that one hasn't purchased? Why's that? >:-o

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