Monday, February 20, 2012

Simplest is the Best?

The John's Phone seems to one of the simplest mobile phone designed ever. Similar to the K-01, it is a "designer" gadget as claimed and it offers you no more than a 2G phone that supports quad GSM frequencies. The full specifications is here.

The most interesting thing of it is that now the phone/address book and games are now back to paper and that the "stylus" of the phone is actually a ball pen! :-o ;-) The phone is cheap enough, though. For US$100, what do you want and would ask for more?

This is the design concept and rationale behind the John's phone. After all, to further appreciate this product, you can watch this YouTube unboxing video. And yes, it actually does have a monitor! But I don't think it would be easy enough to use for its position as placed on the phone's top.


Nonetheless, I don't like that glossy white colour version. It looks and feels too much like a toy. I think if I am really to get it, I would probably get the brown colour version, which looks far better to my eyes.


My Idea of a K1000D

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