Wednesday, November 03, 2010

K-r DxOMark and Yet Another ISO Test (Full Sized but Not Original)

The DxOMark of the K-r has been out. It gets an overall score of 72.

Below are some of those endless comparisons, using the "compare" tool at the DxOMark page:-

K-x Vs K-r Vs K-7 (Well, the K-x has slightly better high ISO noise and very marginally better DR..)

A33 Vs K-r Vs A55

K-m Vs K-r Vs K200D

D5000 Vs K-r Vs D3100

550D Vs K-r Vs 60D

and so on.. that you can compare endlessly till the end of the world! ;-) There is no K-5 comparison though as the DxOMark for K-5 hasn't yet been out. :-(

Besides, here is an ISO comparison on the same scene with pics posted in full sized, but compressed and without EXIF:-

So, happy measurbations after all!


K-r Vs K-x ISO Measurbations (Head to Head)

My K-r First Hands-ons (Tested Twice)

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