Monday, November 01, 2010

IQ and AF-C of the K-5 - I am Not Impressed! :-(

View this thread and all the pictures attached. Pictures are gloomy and they are lack of sharpness and contrast, especially the seagull shots. It seems that the underexposure evil is in action. And, the blue colour of the sky is so fake. What I would say I'm not totally impressed.

As for the AF-C accuracy and hit rate, there are quite some OOF (Out Of Focus) pictures out of the series. Although the user has mentioned that it *might* be the user error on his part. I just wonder what "user error* could be made when everything is set to Auto?

As for the unfavourable colour response of the K-5, here are also some portrait samples. Again, I'm not impressed:-

Images are yet again (downsized) direct JPEGs out of the camera, lens used is the DA*55/1.4. See the English translation here.

The terrible colour response and IQ is the only thing that has impressed me deeply for these samples, frankly..

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