Tuesday, November 16, 2010

URL Blocking War Between DPR and PentaxForums

Here is a recent discussion at the DPR:-


The staff of DPR replied, but the discussion was finally closed. Yet fortunately, it is not deleted, which is what PentaxForums did that on and off!

Following along the thread, we can learn that, as this poster told us, Adam, site owner of the PentaxForums, decided to fight back and declared a war! :-o

I do agree every words as commented by the above Pentaxian, in particular his conclusion that, "Adam is his, and his forums own worst enemy...".

Furthermore, I think yet another Pentaxian has also been right for most of his opinions, quoted:-

"I think it's ridiculous tbh.

DPR has a bottom line to protect(business tactic)
Adam has none(retaliative tactic).

There's a difference and only one of them looks bad without cause.
And I really don't see the sens in such senseless behavior tbh.

I remember when PF was a small and simple operation committed to its users.
Now... its starting to seem as though its slated to become another DPReview."

Whilst I do totally agree that DPR is just a commercial site whom needs to protect their commercial interest, I think he has been completely wrong for overlooking that the PentaxForums is just NOT a Non-Commercial Site. In fact, the PentaxForums has various partnerships and business relationships with B&H and Pentax Imaging and etc. They have also participated actively in various commercial promotion and marketing activity of which it is hard to believe that no money and personal interest of any is involved between the PentaxForums and the firms! Hey, folks, just don't be naive! :-)

Furthermore, Adam also has had money relationship with many of those more superior members over there for their "sponsorship" for long (against where DPR has None! At DPR, there are only Admins and *Ordinary* Members!). So, it's your take to conclude now!

Nevertheless, let's talk back to the war! I think such blocking, no matter it happens anywhere at the Cyberplace, just does no good to the Internet community and in particular to the Pentaxian community in this case. In fact, Internet is a platform for information exchange and hyper linking is the basic of how the Internet works! >:-(

At the end of the day, even now PentaxForums manually blocks my links of this Blog (in addition to the automatic blocking all the DPR links) and that DPR has banned me for posting at their forum (I knew that whenever I am there, there will be big chaos! ;-)), I still post reference links to the forums and posts at any of them as long as there are something interesting and useful to share. The case is just as simple as that - as long as I mean to share! :->

Of course, I don't agree with the narrow-minded-ness of Adam and the PentaxForums. And, the hidden profit-making money-related site and nature of the PentaxForums and actually the hypocritical attitude of the site owner is the worst thing on Earth that I hate, or more appropriately to describe, I simply look down at him! >:-|

Btw, if you want to read another follow-up discussion about the closed thread, here it is, at the DPR:-



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