Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Want to Buy the K-5, But..

Still, I needed to do my research before decided. Even though I knew about the 10 major shortcomings of the K-5 and Pentax, and even though the K-5 has got the highest ever DxOMark amongst all APS-C DSLRs, I am still looking at the IQ of the K-5 in *real-life*.

Yesterday, I browsed through 10 pages of the Japanese Pentax Photoble samples database for K-5, download them to inspect (all are unedited originals and in full size), what I would say is that I am totally not impressed! :-(

Most of the pictures are lacking contrast and sharpness, images are soft, colours are odd, sometimes focuses are out and so on.. What a big disappointment for those real-life photos from those real K-5 users indeed! >:-((

And then, I've simply backed to the pixel peeping mode for some more scientific and systematic comparisons, I've re-visited DPR's studio photos with its new comparison tool, which I just reported a few days before, here:-

I replaced the 50D with the K-x and surprisingly found that the K-x just had better IQ than the new K-5 flagship! :-o Don't believe? Won't believe? Unbelievable? Below is a screen capture of the comparison!

As you can see from the above: colours, sharpness, contrast, noise, details are *all* better for the K-x image! :-o (Oh, Well..)

In fact, last time when I saw the DC Watch first review on the K-5, I had already disappointed with all those posted samples. Yes, I'd downloaded those original samples to inspect, already. Btw, I still recall that DC Watch usually took some best sample images amongst all review sites on this planet!

So, my purchase plan is now withheld. Unless I could see more positive samples from the K-5 in the future, I won't re-consider the K-5! :-( Just don't tell me that K-5 has low high ISO noise. Yes, I knew from the very beginning! I just wish to ask: What else is more important than low ISO Image Quality for a DSLR??

The most unfortunate thing is that last time K-r have already failed my tests, which I indeed was also interested to buy. Now, what new Pentax DSLR body in the Pentaxland can I consider and acquire?! ]:-((


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