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Friday, November 26, 2010

Over Hong Kong: Serious Problem of Air Pollution Caused by Industrial Over Production :-(

Had a helicopter flight over the Victoria Harbour of Hong Kong weeks ago and here are some photos to share:-


Camera used was a Canon EF 17-40L on a Canon 5D. I have added captions for the photos to describe at which region over where I took a snapshot of.

Unfortunately, that hazy "weather" just let me re-think about the adverse consequence of the industrial over-production of we mankind. China, being the "World Factory" nowadays for the whole world, whilst has attained great economical gains and results, has to pay off hugely for environmental pollution of which possibly the destruction could never be recovered. Just see the NASA air pollution geographical plot below:-

(Source URL and Background: http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/health-sapping.html)

In fact, the mainland of China is where it suffers most. When we look up the sky, it is usually terrible, for most of the time! >:-(

On the other hand, Hong Kong, being located at the southest part of China, is not the worst place for air pollution in China indeed. The air pollution of HK does actually depends much on the wind direction of the weather. When we have South wind, the weather will be better. Here is an example shot, taken on a really clear day:-

(Above: Taken with a Pentax DA 16-45/4 Lens on a Pentax K100D (My Full Review Here))

But when the weather is "not good". When I look out of the windows everywhere, we can only see a hazy scene. Below is a photo which I made last year for a large-scale local photo competition:-

(Above: Taken with a Pentax SMC-F 17-28 Fisheye on a Canon 5D; Taken on a Sunny day in the early afternoon.)

After all, the Earth belongs to all of us, no matter you are living in China, South-East Asia or not. So, sometimes I just ask myself, if we really need to buy so many and too many unnecessary things daily and monthly ourselves. Even if we buy new stuff, we should find some good ways to re-use or re-cycle our "useless" items. And, should we do more to save the Earth but not driven too much by all those manufacturers in buying new stuff just for their own continuous survival. Otherwise, mankind will suffer and pay off very soon.

Act now, save the Earth! But if you still can't help in buying new gadgets (and also new fashions, bags, jewellery etc. for ladies), just think more before act and that will surely help! (Even if we can't help ourselves sometimes, as there are always temptations! :-))

P.S. There is a photo album book called "Over Hong Kong" published in Hong Kong since late 80s in which aero photos were taken over Hong Kong using the Pentax 67 gear on an airplane. The pictures look really great indeed but I am afraid it will be more and more difficult for them to take clear pictures these days in Hong Kong.

P.S.2. Now, the previous Pentax 67/645 film photographers could use the new 645D for doing landscape, but with a 1.36X crop factor and effective focal multiplier, the old wide angle lenses will not be wide as they were in their old glorious days. :-(