Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Ned's Blog Revived and New (Small) Samples

After almost six months of no activity at Ned Bunnell's Blog (who is the president of the Pentax Imaging of the USA), Ned has written again, since yesterday!

Today, Ned has posted some downsized samples of the K-5 with "his" DA*300 prime, here:-


Do note that the colours of the images posted in his above page is worse than the enlarged ones which can be downloaded (although are still very small in size at 1,000 pixels for the longer side, only). So, initially I just thought that the colour response of those K-5 + DA* pictures suck and was shortly afterwards still glad to learn that it's just Ned's fault during the process of downsizing the pictures! ;-)

Anyway, welcome back, Ned! :=)


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