Monday, November 15, 2010

Pentaxians Have Become Toy and Model Collectors!

Good News! With the hard determination of Hoya, she has achieved big success for entering the massive market of toys as being a new toy maker. Now, the K-x toy eggs can be found in various toy stores at the streets at many places and local people and Pentaxians are just so busy with drawing the eggs!

Some examples:-

(Source URL)

I think this guy has drawn quite a long time before he could finally get one with the same colour combination as his real K-x and kit lens! :-o

(Source URL)

This guy has been even more crazy. He simply bought all the four packs completed with all the colours from a toy shop and even didn't bother to make any lucky draw! =_="

Still, some other people decided to draw the different colours one by one. Eventually, they will yet have many of those at the end!

(Source URL)

Next, there is an official Pocari K-x toy:-

(Source URL)

It seems that Hoya wishes to enter the market for drinks as well! What an ambitious company they are! ;-o

Finally, as an ordinary user and yet a toy lover, a simple random colour pick would still be nice~

(Source URL)

Congratz, Hoya! I believe that you're the first camera company ever who has successfully entered the toy market and just so easily! You're my Hero! ;->

Update (11-16): All the K-x toy eggs in Hong Kong have been sold out! :-o

Well, it seems that Hoya has been doing toy business far better than what they could ever achieve for selling cameras! ;->

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