Monday, November 22, 2010

"Film is Dead"! ;-)

I put a roll of film into my beloved film Pentax MZ-S back to July 2009 for taking some photos in a time-lapse manner with time-stamp on frame. Yesterday, the frame counter has reached 29 and the roll of film will expire some time next year..

So, I declare, film is dead! At least this is almost true for my case. Why? It is because within the same period, I think I have made 10k+ digital images and frames already. But as for film, I've only managed to take 28, for 16 months! Just! ;-))

Speaking of the MZ-S, and for gear talk, its mirror action is just so smooth and the vibration caused by the mirror slap is nearly non-existent! Well Done, my Old Pentax!!

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