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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DC Watch K-5 First Review (Loads of Original Samples!)


(Japanese, Google English Translation Here)

As usual, we have full ISO samples, with different NR settings. And, there are also images taken for the same scene with different colour modes (Custom Image in Pentax' term). There are also some other real-life samples. The most important and meaningful thing is that they are all original in full size, directly out of the camera!

Btw, I don't see the super 14EV high range DR in action, at least the highlight is clipped as usual, as for most digital SLRs:-


In contrast, I recall that my 5D still preserves better highlights than the above K-5 sample, see:-


My above bee on white flower photos under the bright sunlight are very similar to the situation of that K-5 sample, as it can be easily seen, the highlights and details of mine are just preserved better.

Besides, I also see the new King of Purple Fringing, just see this sample:-

(Warning: Large File in 12MB!)

For your easy viewing, I provide a full-sized crop of the above sample:-

Finally, there are also two original video clip samples that can be downloaded. I do not feel good for the video quality nor the video efficiency. E.g., this first train bridge video is about 300MB for only 30 seconds. As for most of the time there is nothing in action within the frame and even though there are some, the moving portion is yet small, I am quite sure if there is some kind of video motion compression, the file could be drastically decreased.

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