Monday, November 22, 2010

Shootout: K-5 Vs K-x High ISO Crops (@12800)

via Information on Digital Cameras for comparing test images from the Imaging Resource by making crops and put them side-by-side.

Well, yet again, the pictures speak for themselves. How come all the crops from K-x just show that it wins over the "King of High ISO" and that "New King of APS-C DSLRs" for noise, colours and details, all in all?! :-o ;->


I Want to Buy the K-5, But..

IQ and AF-C of the K-5 - I am Not Impressed! :-(

High K-5 DR of the DxOMark: (Hardware) Mathematical Trick of the New Sony Sensor?

K-r Vs K-x ISO Measurbations (Head to Head)

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