Saturday, November 27, 2010

Some Bits and Pieces (November 27)

DC Watch has done a new ISO and NR test on the K-5, with a DA 18-135 on it, further to their last first review and test. As usual, full size samples are available. But for easier viewing and comparison, they post the crops at their test page.

Next, the AF and QC issues of the K-5 continue, I have been keeping an eye on this thread since it was first opened:-

Now, there is something special along the thread, just see this recent comment as made by my regular Blog reader Walter:-

"Uh, the problem with the red rendering seems to be minor compared to the AF problem that is rearing its ugly head over on DPR. Some long-time Pentax defenders - e.g. RPulley - are either considering sending their cameras back. One poor soul replaced his original K%, but soon found out the replacement is a dud, too!"

Finally, the last piece of news is that Hasselblad has followed the trend of Pentax for going fashion (although not toyish like what Pentax is also doing), they now make a Silver and then another Ferrari Red Digital MF!

Oh, well.. :-o

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