Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Culprits of "Terrible K-5 (In-Camera) IQ": Strong AA Filter (of Sensor) Plus Weak JPEG Engine?

See these recent discussions for the observations and points as raised by the OPs (and those sensible (but not emotional) responses also):-

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Photozone - Pentax K5 ... ordered (But would return for a Mod soon.. for 500 Euros! +_+)

I won't comment further. I blog, you think and decide!

Update (11-26): The strong AA filter of the K-5 does still have its value under extreme case, see:-


for the same resolution chart and target of very high spatial frequency taken with the D7000 (Left) Vs K-5 (Right). The D7k picture is actually sharper, but moire is more an issue.

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