Monday, November 01, 2010

WHY HOYA's PR is Really So BAD?! (in Promoting Pentax..)

I just wish to ask, Is and If their PR department really existent?

See this case, as reported by Simon Joinson, a reviewer of the DPR:-

View the topic of the post, "Where are all the reviews? They're coming!" But after you've read the full post. It should be: They are all coming, except the Pentax(es)!!

In fact, whilst Canon, Sony, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic and Samsung have all already given their latest camera gear and models to DPR for testing and reviewing as told (Nikon's gear was expected to arrive by "today"..), there is just even not an expected date of delivery for the Pentax K-5 to the DPR. Simon just commented that it is still under "waiting" and it "won't be started for (within) a month", as obviously the Pentax K-5 will be the last one in the batch of all those new cameras for testing even when it will arrive later. In fact, DPR has not yet got any idea when it will come, even up till now! >:-[ Well, the K-5 was announced more than one month ago by Pentax and has already been marketed for two weeks! So, what's going on??!

Sometimes, what's happening just make me wonder.., IF Hoya *intentionally* delayed the delivery of a test unit to the DPR so that the review will be published later!? It is just because as there are K-5 units sold worldwide already and even there are so many new K-5 users have got their new units from the streets (market) into their hands already. As such, how difficult is the case for Hoya to send a production unit to the DPR for their testing and reviewing?? Not even to think about for making some better special arrangements to facilitate the review works of the DPR crew..

For such a company whose PR tasks (if any) are carried out in such an unbelievably sucking way, do you think that they will succeed? >:-x

I think that Hoya would have forgot that DPR is still the largest and most popular No.1 camera gear review site in the Internet on Earth. So, unless they are just being so afraid of that DPR will reveal some shortcomings of the K-5 that would look too unfavourable and will hurt their interests eventually, I simply can't think of a single reason why they should delay the delivery of the K-5 test unit and to make such a bad relationship with the DPR, in addition.

All in all, I believe that these kind of arrogance and ignorance of such an even large company like Hoya is just the stumbling block which hinders their succeed and indeed one of the true reasons that could really hurt their sales, even if they had some good products made to begin with! Really Sad..

Anyway, I knew that there is an email address of their "PR" department, which is a proof of their existence, frankly speaking and however. If you have a question to ask them, or have a complaint you want to write to them about Pentax or simply just a suggestion, you can still try to drop them an email. I hope that you would get a response, hopefully. Good luck, folks! ;-) If you really do that, you have made a nice trial and my thumb up in advance! :-D


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