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Saturday, May 01, 2010

My K-Mount EVIL is Here!

Are you waiting for a K-mount EVIL? Does someone imagine for a K-mount EVIL? How many of those people actually? Are they old Pentaxians (Yes! Almost for sure! But might be they have already been desperated! :-()

[ Note: EVIL stands for Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens (Digital Camera) ]

Indeed, waiting is actually unnecessary, nor imagination is practical! Act now, just make a K-mount EVIL yourself in Two Steps! It's just so EASY! =V=

The Two Steps to Follow:-

1. First you need to have one of the EVIL cameras in the Micro 4/3 gang..

2. Next, you need to purchase a Pentax K to Micro 4/3 adaptor which is widely available. Find one yourself!

3. Then, Done! You will have A K-mount EVIL camera!

As you might have known and now you can also see it again, I use the Panasonic GF1. Some points to note:-

1. Ensure that you have the newer firmware version 1.1 and up, which can be downloaded and updated from here. If you are unsure about the version programmed in your body, go check the "SETUP" menu for the "VERSION DISP.";

2. Next, do remember to turn on the "SHOOT W/O LENS" which can be found as the last second item in the "CUSTOM MENU" to make it possible to shoot with other non-micro 4/3 lenses via an adaptor;

3. Now, mount on any of the Pentax lenses that you like but they will be 2X multiplied.. (as everyone knows, anyway.) Well, my 43 Limited has become a 86mm portrait lens, my Pentax 100 Macro becomes a 200, my FA 28 is now a 56mm standard and my F*300 with a 3X TC is effectively an 1800mm telescope on a hybrid digital still picture and video/movie camera! :-o Nice!

4. Set the camera to P or A mode, PRESS (Not Turn) the e-Dial to use the "Focus Assist" function, that is, to zoom in the centre part of the Live View image at about 5X as the starting point (the user can further turn the e-dial to zoom in at about 10X and turn reversely to go back). Manual focus with naked eye(s) with the magnified image (either on the back LCD panel or through the EVF), half press to resume and shoot. I found the focusing accuracy is good and operation convenience is still considered acceptable, btw.

5. Go out to shoot still pictures and record videos with the new EVIL, STOP wasting time to search, wait, discuss, argue, imagine and then back to search, discuss, wait and imagine again and again, endlessly and till the end of the days! ;-D (How many much more time of those should be wasted in our lives?!)

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