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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Official 645D Production Sample Images Are Out


(in Japanese)

First, there is no sample by the new kit prime. Second, there is no portrait sample. Isn't that the 645D is targeted to be a studio camera? Why no portrait??

Nevertheless, I am completely not impressed with the Image Quality, Colour Accuracy and Exposure Accuracy of all those samples. Image look dark, colours look dull and unfavourable whilst greens look too ex-exaggerated than real. Digital sharpening is just too obvious and they are actually like those pictures from a P&S when you look into the pictures at full size! Just a total disappointment, if I have to say..

Do note that the samples are now made with firmware version 1.00 as shown in the *main* EXIF tag. Which means that they *should* be coming from a production 645D. I hope Pentax/Hoya this time do not cheat like what they did previous times with their K-7 and K-x when they were just launched. But then, on the other hand, if those samples are really from a production unit, then it is really worrisome!

In fact, just a few days ago when I saw this hands-on report and video, I suspected that the 645D was still half-baked. Why? There was nothing useful demonstrated but actually this demonstration and the "findings" of that hands-on are of no difference from anyone handles any newer Pentax DSLR! There is actually nothing in-depth nor anything useful about the 645D for this "pre-production" unit and demo! (So, I just opted not to report that and include the link here last time when I saw it.)

Lastly, I think I just want to air this out: IF the IQ of the 645D is just like this, why Pentax/Hoya needed to waste the time and resources to put out such crap? And at that price tag, who would buy such a crap (possibly..)? Frankly, they should concentrate to make a Full Frame K-mount DSLR instead. Or, even just to make an EVIL first, in order to secure their market position and share! :-(

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