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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Who Will Use This New Sensor?

According to the latest report from the K-Rumors, a new Samsung APS-C sensor has once been leaked at the official Samsung site:-

Just look at the specs and it can be seen that it is a higher speed sensor which has a much higher frame rate and now it supports Full HD 1080p video recording at 60 fps. The pixel count has been reduced slightly, though. But I am just somehow worried about the 8-channel output on the Image Quality of the Still Images. Why? It was proven that the increase of the data output channels of the original Samsung 14.6MP sensor used in the K20D to the newer version of the "same" 14.6MP sensor used in the K-7 from 2 to 4 DOES HAVE adverse impact on the Image Quality, that is, the IQ of the K-7 (sensor) could be worse!

So, who will use this new sensor? Pentax? For the K-7 replacement? For the coming higher grade body above the K-7 (which was told by the Managing Director of Hoya Europe just weeks before)? Or, if this sensor will just be used by Samsung themselves as it seems that the Samsung/Pentax partnership and collaboration had been come to an end since Samsung developed and launched the NX on their own.

Let's wait and see.. I guess things will be cleared up before the Photokina, by September.