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Monday, May 10, 2010

Super (Die-hard/Brand-blinded) Fanboys Switched! :-o

The most surprising and dramatical thing and news recently in the Pentaxland I believe is that two of the most Radical Blind Brand Fanboys have SWITCHED! ..To Nikon!


Richard Day:-

Now, even the (Only) Official Pentaxian of the Year is looking at the Nikon system:-

And, this reply from Peter Jonkman is really funny (but yet very true!):-

Quoted, "Lance, thank you for posting this. Please also forward the link to Ned Bunnell. If I were Pentax, I'd be scratcing my head now. I mean --- the founder of LBA (at least the acronym emoticon - smile) and one of the biggest Pentax advocates is thinking about moving to Nikon. Just right after *isteve went to the other camp too. The rats are leaving the sinking ship emoticon - grin"

"I have been seriously considering the Canon EOS 5D MkII because of the short registration distance. A Nikon would render most of my precious M42 lenses useless. There's no substitution for full frame - once you have seen the large and bright viewfinder and noisefree images then there's no way back.

However, I'll just wait for the coming Photokina. September is very close; they better come up with something serious or my 26-year relationship with Pentax will come to an end this year. Too bad, as Pentax makes the best bodies with regards to the user interface, IMHO."

After all, what's been happening recently? What's wrong with those fanboys? Or, what's going wrong with Pentax actually?! Why even those die-hard super fanboys who are so completely blind brand loyal have switched?! In fact, Steve and Richard are two typical showcases for total blindness for brand defending as well as the consistent offensiveness of them (for attacking other people who just mentioned anything "negative" to Pentax or even just to mention or suggest other brands) over these several years when they have been with Pentax. But yet, they switched completely almost overnight!

Wow, my "dearest" Steve and Richard, well done, I still have to say! Your hard and non-stopping works and wonderful works for protecting the brand (and attacking the others) these years must be highly praised! I take my this last opportunity to put my deep appreciation, as from a Pentaxian, here! Bye, guys, and there yet will be another two "die-hard" Nikonians and brand guards anyway! (Until next time they switched to Canon or Sony or any brand else, suddenly! ;-D Maybe again after several years or not forever?!)

Now, what wait for our watch for the coming show is that: Will our Official Pentaxian Lance B switch? Hey Ned, now it's Your Take!! (To do something immediately and urgently to retain the Only Pentaxian (at least whom is officially recognised!) from switching!! And to avoid the Crisis!!)

Well, life is really full of surprises. And sometimes reallife shows are even far more entertaining than those dramas and films that are actually unreal! :-o :-)

Update (5-30): Lance has purchased the D700 finally!