Friday, May 21, 2010

NX10 Shootouts (Vs K-7, GF-1, EP-1 and EP-2!)

Today, I have done some searches and found the following:-

1. NX10 Vs K-7 Vs EP-1: JPEG/ISO Test (in Polish)

Well, it seems that the pictures produced from any Samsung sensor camera suffer from either noise or loss of details, especially when ISO goes up. :-(

2. NX10 Vs GF-1 Vs EP-2: Full Detailed Shootout! (User Friendliness, EVF and LCD Qualities, IQ, AF Speed, Colour Accuracy, Exposure Accuracy and Flash Test, etc.!) (in Traditional Chinese)

3. NX10 Vs GF-1: JPEG/ISO Test (in Korean)

Explore Yourself!

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