Sunday, November 14, 2010

Interesting AF Performance Tests and Comparison: K-5 Vs K-7 Vs D7000 Vs D60

via this DPR thread:-

In summary, the first test is about a boy running at 5km/hr towards the camera and the photo was taken when the boy was at 5 metres away and the distance of travel of the boy was measured for when the shot was finally made. So, the smaller the figure, the better that it would be. The lens used was with a 135 film equivalent focal of 80mm, at a f/2.8 aperture.

The second test is about a car running at 50km/h, 50 metres away. Then the camera was put into AF-C and continuous frame mode, the number of shots taken were counted as well as the number of successful shots are remarked. In addition, the distances at which the shots were made are told.

Do note for both tests, a green mark indicates a successful shot with good enough focus, whilst a yellow one is a marginal case and finally red represents failed ones which are out-of-focus.

The source of the tests is from a French site called Fnac, which is actually a French famous electronic & cultural stuff store, as told by the original poster.

Last but not least, here is a nice summary of the comparison results by him for the second car test, quoted:-

K5 :
16 shots : 14 okay, 1 tolerable, 1 failed

K7 : 8 shots : 6 okay, 2 failed

D7000 : 16 shots : 15 okay, 1 tolerable

D60 : 16 shots : 14 okay, 1 tolerable, 1 failed

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Measurebated: K-7 is NOT a Machine Gun! :-(

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