Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Pentax Q Time-lapse Example Video


Quoted, by the author "didiseven": "This is a timelapse video taken with my Pentax Q. It was a 40 minute time lapse with auto-exposure. Because of the auto-exposure, it doesn't appear to get as dark as it actually was after sunset, so you can still see the shifting colors of twilight."

It is further mentioned that the battery capacity is a major limitation for shooting time-lapse. As such, the use of an AC adaptor is recommended.

Speaking of time-lapse shooting with Pentax gear, I think I have to mention again this one, which is nicely done and really great afterall!

A 45k-image 3-year Time-lapse Video with the K110D

Do note that the K110D has no time-lapse shooting function of any. So, external facility was needed.

Update (9-17):-

Yet another time-lapse video (my special thanks to "D*isuke" for providing this):-


via the High-Def Blog (Japanese)

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